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D175A Cholera tcpA mutant
Transmission electron microsope image of Vibrio choleraethat has been negatively stained. Vibrio choleraeis the bacteria responsible for the gastroinestinal disease cholera. In order to get the disease cholera, the bacteria must be able to colonize in the small intestine and a critical factor necessary for this colonization is the toxin-co-regulated pilus(TCP). D175A is a tcpA mutant strain and the pili are clearly visible as 7 nm fibres. This mutant strain shows simlar bundling of toxin-co-regulated pilus(TCP) as that of the wild type strain(O395 WT Cholera wild type). However, this mutant strain showed a greater number of pili bundles than the wild type strain.
For more information, see the journal article: T.J. Kirn, M.J. Lafferty, C.M.P Sandoe and R.K. Taylor, 2000, "Delineation of pilin domains required for bacterial association into microcolonies and intestinal colonization", Molecular Microbiology, Vol. 35(4):896-910
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Bacteria, TEM, Vibrio cholerae, pili, tcp
Tom Kirn, Ron Taylor, Louisa Howard