17/17: Chlamydomonas#80513b




Transmission electron microscope image, showing an example of green algae (Chlorophyta).

Chlamydomanas reinhardtii is a unicellular flagellate used as a model system in molecular genetics work and flagellar motility studies.

This image is a thin x-section cut through the isolated axoneme. Chlamydomonas flagella have the "9+2" structure characteristic of all eukaryotic cells. The axoneme has a central unit containing two single microtubules and nine peripheral doublet microtubules (known as the "9+2"). Dynein sidearms project from the A tubule of each doublet. Also visible in this image are the radial spokes and the inner sheath.

Smith, E.F and P.A. Lefebvre (1996) "PF16 Encodes a Protein with Armadillo Repeats and Localizes to a Single Microtubule of the Central Apparatus in Chlamydomonas Flagella", J. Cell Biology, 132(3): 359-370



Elizabeth Smith, Louisa Howard, Erin Dymek


Algae, TEM, Chlamydomonas, flagella, axoneme, microtubule