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Tree of Life
H. Richard Lane

Friday, February 15, 2002 04:16:04 PM

Dear American Paleobotanists:

Below is an announcement for a new competition at NSF entitled Tree of Life.

Although the Geology and Paleontology Program has contributed money to this

competition, it is being run out of the

Systematic Biology Division. There is approximately 10 million dollars

available for his competition and plans are for it to continue annually for

the next 5 years. We expect competition to be light this year because of the

short notice, so you need to act fast. It strongly encourages proposals

from interdisplinary teams. We need paleontological participation in this

competition, whether as lead PIs or as key members of interdisciplinary

teams. This is a great opportunity for biological and paleontological

research cooperation. Go for it.

Rich Lane

U.S. National Science Foundation

Funding Opportunity for


(electronic solicitation NSF 02-074 for Fiscal Year 2002)

A flood of new information, from whole-genome sequences to inventories of

earth's biota, is transforming 21st century biology. Along with comparative

data on morphology, fossils, development, behavior, and interactions of all

forms of life on earth, these new data streams make even more critical the

need for an organizing framework for information retrieval, analysis, and

prediction. Phylogeny, the genealogical map for all lineages of life on

earth, provides an overall framework to facilitate information retrieval and

biological prediction. Currently, single investigators or small teams of

researchers are studying the evolutionary pathways of heredity within

particular phyla or domains. Assembly of a framework phylogeny, or Tree of

Life, for all 1.7 million described species requires a greatly magnified

effort by large teams working across institutions and disciplines. This is

the overall goal of the Assembling the Tree of Life activity. The National

Science Foundation invites research proposals from multidisciplinary teams

to conduct creative and innovative research that will resolve phylogenetic

relationships for large groups of organisms on the Tree of Life. Teams of

investigators also will be supported for projects in data acquisition,

analysis, algorithm development and dissemination in computational

phylogenetics and phyloinformatics.

Please see the Program Solicitation (NSF 02-074) soon to be posted on the

NSF website ( < in the Documents Online

section) for description of the activity and guidance on proposal

preparation; note the deadline of May 17, 2002 and the optional Letter of

Intent requested by March 29, 2002.

H. Richard Lane

Program Director, Geology and Paleontology

National Science Foundation

Ph. 703-292-4730

FAX: 703-292-9025

Geology and Paleontology webpage:

Annual program deadlines: June 1 and December 1

NSF staff phone numbers:


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