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Cyclic Eurypterid Sequences
Samuel J. Ciurca, Jr.

Thursday, May 16, 2002 12:54:54 AM

Eurypterid horizons are well-known from the Silurian sequence of New York and Ontario, Canada. Several new horizons reveal other eurypterid occurrences in what is a cyclic sequence of "waterlimes." Waterlimes are very fine-grained dolostones with an admixture of clay and silica and which bear the eurypterid faunas. Post-Akron Formation units like the Moran Corners Waterlime, bear a new Eurypterus Fauna, and extend the cyclic sequence of eurypterid-bearing waterlime units. Above this, Early Devonian euryperid faunas(Erieopterus)occur, cyclically, within the Chrysler and Manlius Formations. In summary, there is a lot more to the eurypterid occurrences of the Siluro-Devonian sequences than has previously been realized. The New York State Geological Association meeting in Lake George, New York, in September 2002, will have a fieldtrip to localities that exhibit several of the stratigraphic sequences of the state that display eurypterid horizons.

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