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Lake Brussels
Scott George

Tuesday, December 09, 2003 03:27:45 PM

I have encountered a dark gray organic silt in the Florissant Basin (St. Louis Missouri Airport), which contains wood fragments and other organic material. Based on the literature, the silt was deposited in Lake Brussels, an Illinoian stage backwater formed by an ice dam on the Mississippi River. One of the field geologists reported a pine-needle imprint. The 1 to 4 ft. thick silt is 10-15 feet below ground surface and has an elevation ranging from ~540 to 510 ft. msl. I have collected about a half-dozen 8 oz. jars of the organic silt. Is anyone interested in these samples? My interest is plant identification from the lake deposit. My limited literature search has found no information on the flora of this paleo-lake.

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