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Question from a layman
Tom Davis

Sunday, May 02, 2004 02:10:56 AM

Greetings :) While conducting a survey in Hardy, AR, I discovered what (to my untrained eye) looks like a well-preserved, fossilized peach pit. The fossil was embedded in a piece of loose rock and easily removed from the site. While I'll doubtless be criticized for having done so, in my own defense I'll state that, had it been left in situ, it would long since have been destroied in favor of a (paved) rv park. At any rate, it's safe and sound. However, I have no use for such a thing...thus this post. I don't want to see it end up as an interesting bookend in some teenagers bedroom :) If anyone is interested in such a thing shoot me an email (or an IM ... I'm usually online on weekend nights only... dougxul on YIM or AIM). I'll get back with ya ASAP. Thanks for your patience :) Tom Davis

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