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Clinical Methods TOC

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Specimen numbering and recording

Specimen retention ANP.55100

Acquisition and Preparation of Tissue for Electron Microscopy Studies
– including solid tissue surgical and non surgical specimens, and processing protocols.

Protocol for muscle and nerve biopsies.

Nasal scrapings for cilia, bone marrow aspirates or other preparations requiring centrifugation

Non-DHMC Specimen Instructions

Sectioning for light microscopy ANP.52100, ANP,52150

Sectioning for electron microscopy

Thin section staining

SEM specimen preparation

Embedding media
TEM magnification calibrations ANP.53150


Reports filed by pathologists, not E. M. Facility. ANP.54000, ANP.54050

Laboratory Safety is in compliance with Dartmouth College Environmental Health and Safety regulations. ANP.57000, ANP.57070

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